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So, my name is Jeff Kennedy.  And this is my work.  And this is the hardest part.  You know, the talking about myself part.  I mean, I'm a humble guy.  It's part of what makes me so great!  That's a uhhh....well that's a joke by the way.  I joke.  I'm not the serious angst filled artist type.  In spite of that picture of me there to the left.  I like to laugh and make other people laugh.  Life is too short to take it too seriously.  But don't take my humor as a sign that I don't care.  I care about my art and about making people happy.  I figure if I can make them smile they must be happy right...I mean, I could be wrong I guess.

Take a look around my site.  I promise I won't have any annoying music to bother you.  After you finish this riveting bio take a look at how everything works in my "about you" section and then get an idea of what it costs in the "about how much" section.  Most importantly, though, is take a look at my images.  Because before you choose any photographer to capture you make sure you like his/her work.  

So, a little about me.  I'm a husband, a dad, a best friend, and a dog person.  Not that I'm a cat hater.  I don't believe in being a hater.  I've had cats.  I just love my Newfy, Frank.  I love to travel, play tennis, fly fish, take walks on the beach, listen to the rain, cuddle in front of the fire....hmmm, starting to sound like a centerfold model or something.  Most of that is true though.