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You are likely taking the time to seek out a professional photographer because you want images to record a special moment in time and you understand how important that is.  So make sure you are basing your decision on the work of the photographer, his or her personality and lastly on the price - in that order.  Obviously you have to be able to afford it but if you're paying less for work you don't like with a photographer you like even less who may not even be in business next year when you want more pictures then what exactly is the point?  You might as well throw your money away.  

The reality is that producing quality photography is not cheap.  Without even counting the cost of equipment, education, training, and overhead the time involved is a major component to the cost of photography.  While my client may only see me for a half hour or so at our initial consultation and then for a couple of hours during the shoot that is only the tip of the iceberg.  For every hour spent shooting there is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours invested in scouting locations, editing, creating presentations, and putting together orders.  

At this point you are probably concerned.  Holy crap!  Look at his disclaimer before he can tell me his prices!  Well, do not be scared little trooper.  I may not be the cheapest photographer around but I am far from the most expensive.  So without further adieu here is the scoop!

Seniors:  Pricing starts at $175 for ala carte and goes all the way up to $3000.  There are numerous packages in between to fit every budget.  My packages are based on credits you can use to buy whatever products you want.  I dislike those one size fits all packages that lock you into x number of 8x10 prints and so many 5x7 prints.  Those never seem to fit your needs and quite frankly are designed to get you to buy the things you do want in addition to the stuff you do not.  Digital files?  Why yes, yes each package has a digital option if you prefer to print you own.  But I will say this about that, the sad truth of people getting files is that most never get around to printing them.  And since my workflow is calibrated to my lab I can't guarantee what the colors will look like if you print them somewhere else.  In fact, once or twice in a pinch, needing prints for displays, I made prints at a "big box store" and the colors were just awful and nowhere near what they should have been.  So my advice is if you're going to pay a professional to take your portraits don't take a chance on getting bad prints.  You will get low res "Facebook" files of the images you order to share online with family and friends at no extra charge.

Editorial and commercial and branding:  There are a lot of moving parts with these so give me a call and we can talk it over!

Headshots:  $125 in studio or $175 on location gets you the shoot and one web file.  Additional files are $50.    

Portrait sessions:  Individuals and couples pay a session fee of $175 and larger groups pay $300.  Session fees include my time and considerable talent.  Prints are extra.  If you would like to prepay for prints I will discount their cost.  Give me a call and I can put together a package for you.

These are the basics.  Individual print prices vary depending on what options you want.  I can print on standard paper, metallic paper, canvas, metal, watercolor paper, and more.  The options are virtually endless.  

Perks.  Lets talk about perks.  Senior sessions come with a free family portrait session.  I also submit your yearbook photo for you.  You also get a cash reward or a credit towards merch when you refer someone to me that books a session.  How's them for perks!?!?!?

And for all that SEO stuff I'm a professional photographer based in Northwest Arkansas (aka NWA), serving Bentonville, AR; Fayetteville, AR; Rogers, AR; Springdale, AR; Cave Springs, AR; and THE WORLD!  I specialize in portraits (family portraits, and headshots), high school seniors (senior portraits, yearbook photos, etc.), boudoir photography, and fine art photography (conceptual portraits, commissioned artwork, nudes, and models).