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Hi, my name is Jeff Kennedy and this is my website.  Thanks for stopping by.  Here's a little bit about me:

I live in Bentonville, AR with my wife Soni and dog Brinkley.  And I'm a professional photographer.

I opened up as a full time photographer in 1999.  I started out as a landscape photographer selling prints in galleries.  That was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.  But, to be honest, I got bored.  I kept thinking it would be a lot more fun if there were people in my shots.  So I transitioned to people photography.  

My first stop on that journey was wedding photography.  I may have learned quite a bit as a landscape photographer but it was nothing compared to my education shooting weddings.  I still shoot the occasional wedding but found I enjoyed the portraiture part of them the most and made my next stop on the journey as a high school senior portrait photographer.  I love working one on one with seniors.  Creative collaboration is what its all about!

I also dig creating family portraits.  I get jazzed thinking about capturing a moment in time and making big prints for my clients to display proudly in their homes.  

In addition to that I also do editorial work and have been featured in numerous magazines.  Editorial work is so enjoyable because I often get to work with interesting and/or influential subjects.  And I really like the problem solving involved in having to get a compelling shot in a short amount of time in an unfamiliar location.  It really allows me to flex my photographic muscles.  

A new addition to my lineup has been branding shoots.  Whether its simply headshots or more complete website/social media content featuring your location and shots of you doing what you do I really enjoy these branding sessions.

I love doing all those things but my real passion is in fine art.  I love shooting conceptual pieces.  Hit me up if you have an idea for a conceptual portrait.  Nothing is too crazy or "out there".  And conceptual photography can be applied to family portraits, seniors, boudoir, or just because!

Because of my easy going personality people find me very comfortable to work with.  I try to make each shoot fun and as painless as possible.  Camera shy folks almost always tell me after the shoot, "Wow!  That was easier than I thought it would be!"

My style (if you can't tell from my pictures) is dark and rich and sometimes grungy.  I am neither a natural light nor a artificial light photographer.  I'm a professional.  I use whatever it takes to make the shot.  I've had art directors say they hire me when they want something dramatic.  One even told me they call me when they want an Annie Leibovitz look (aww shucks!).

Outside of my work I'm an avid tennis player, an aspiring (but bad) golfer, a playmate for Brinkley, and an adventure partner for my wife Soni.  We love to travel especially if there is a foodie element involved.  I love to cook whether it's in the kitchen or outside on a grill or a smoker.  I enjoy a nice glass of bourbon from time to time and will rarely turn down an ice cold beer.  And, you know, long walks on the beach, rainy days, and all those other cliches.  

And for all that SEO stuff I'm a professional photographer based in Northwest Arkansas (aka NWA), serving Bentonville, AR; Fayetteville, AR; Rogers, AR; Springdale, AR; Cave Springs, AR; and THE WORLD!  I specialize in portraits (family portraits, and headshots), high school seniors (senior portraits, yearbook photos, etc.), boudoir photography, and fine art photography (conceptual portraits, commissioned artwork, nudes, and models).