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As wonderful as I am it really is not all about me.  No really, its not.  Its actually about you.  What do you want?  There are not a lot of rules when I shoot.  Rules just get in the way.  Tell me what you want to accomplish - what you want the images to look like and I will do everything I can to make it happen.  And by all means if you have ideas let me know!  Creating images is so much more fun and exciting when its a collaborative effort.  These are images you are going to hang on your wall and they should say more about you than they do me.  So any input you can give me only makes them better.  Do you have an interesting location in mind?  Do you want to wear a pink bunny suit (I've got one if you don't have one)?  Want to bring a friend?  Its all good.  

 Sure there are certain things that work better than others.  Long sleeves and solid colors traditionally work best as do longer skirts.  But if you want to show off your guns, gams or wear your favorite plaid suit and polkadot tie then go for it!  If it says YOU! then that is more important than the rules.  

 Other photographers have limits on time and clothing changes.  Not me.  If we have to take more than one day to capture all the images you want then that is what we do.  You see my evil plan is to show you so many amazing pictures that want to buy more, more, MORE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  (that's an evil laugh btw)

And for all that SEO stuff I'm a professional photographer based in Northwest Arkansas (aka NWA), serving Bentonville, AR; Fayetteville, AR; Rogers, AR; Springdale, AR; Cave Springs, AR; and THE WORLD!  I specialize in portraits (family portraits, and headshots), high school seniors (senior portraits, yearbook photos, etc.), boudoir photography, and fine art photography (conceptual portraits, commissioned artwork, nudes, and models).