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Most high school senior photographers worth their salt have a senior model program. Some call it an ambassador program, a rep program, etc.. I had a similar program myself and, being the clever guy I am, I called it the ViP program.

The concept is to bring in a bunch of seniors and interview them to make sure they're attractive, outgoing, and popular so that they will sell the photographer to their friends. In exchange for this word of mouth marketing they earn free prints, sessions, and maybe even fabulous prizes! Its a win win...for a select few.

I decided it should be a win win for everyone. Why limit it to those few? Everyone of my clients is a ViP. So if you refer folks to me who book sessions you are eligible to get free stuff (prints, sessions, etc.) and maybe even fabulous prizes! No application necessary. Just make sure your friends mention you when they book with me.

This goes for families and bands too!